Welcome to the official, brand new, website for the Massage Directory! Here we only have one goal: to find you a relaxing massage from a therapist you can trust.

Started over 5 years ago by Julie Thomas,The Massage Directory started off listing a few therapists from San Diego, within 2 years the site took off to become one of the premier sites for anyone in search of some relief. Here we pre-screen all massage therapists, helping you choose the perfect one the first time. Whether you’re in the islands of Hawaii, or the marshes of Florida, rest well knowing that a qualified, experienced, massage therapist is merely a few clicks away.

Advertising Services

As we are always trying to increase our pool of approved therapists for our clients, a huge part of our mission is trying to find competent and talented massage therapists. We know how difficult it can be to market yourself as a massage therapist, that’s why we want to take care of all it for you. No longer does social media have to be your only outlet to potential customers, advertise here with us at Massage Directory and immediately see a steady flow of eager customers. With our large base of users from all over the country, finding new, potential clients has never been easier.

We are looking for companies of all sizes, with an emphasis on smaller, family-owned businesses. Initially we sit down with you, going over everything about your company and what separates you from the rest. After we have screened you, the fun truly begins for our therapists. Massage Parlors that have used our site have reported, on average, a 60% growth in traffic to their websites, all within the first month. That’s a number that no other service can match, here at the Massage Directory our track record speaks for itself.

Advertising is not the extent of our services though, for this website will be full of articles and blogs intended to help you get your name out, as well as tips on becoming an even better massage therapist. Be sure to check back regularly for the latest updates and news.

So if all this all sounds perfect to you, and you are ready to take your business to the next level, please reach out to us here! We are so excited to sit down with you and cannot thank you enough for your interest!